My parents created photo albums for each of my three siblings and me. Some of my best memories as a kid growing up were when we would go through the albums and smile, laugh, and remember. My love for capturing moments and creating images (whether still images or video) began there and continued as I went on to study TV and film in college.

Today, I am a professor of higher education policy and administration - quite a move away from my TV and film days. But when I go home to my parents', we still return to those photo albums from my childhood. As we turn the pages, we engage with each other and the images before us, and we make new memories.

Photography is a way to help me remember the small and grand moments in my life. As a researcher in the social sciences, photography is my creative outlet, allowing me to use both sides of my brain. I especially enjoy shooting events and portraits, in the studio or on location. I love taking photos as a way to get to know many different people that I might not otherwise have met. I also love to travel and shooting landscapes is also a favorite of mine. Photography, with every click and every exposure keeps me falling in love with the world around me.